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Saturdays every fortnight

4.30 – 6.30pm


Sat 30th June 2018   Sat 14th July Sat 28th July

Sat 11th August  Sat 25th August  Sat 8th September

Sat 22nd September  Sat 6th October  Sat 20th October

Sat 3rd November  Sat 17th November  Sat 1st December

Sat 15th December


A friendly group of families meet together at Uniting Place to explore fun and faith at our Messy Church gatherings.


What’s the format for the evening you ask!


Each gathering has a different theme. We start with a variety of fun family crafts, games, challenges, cooking and activities. We aim to cater for all age groups!


We come together for 15-20 minutes to hear or participate in the creative sharing of a Bible story  and pray.  You can join in as little or as much as you like!  No pressure !


We finish off with a free dinner which is provided (vegetarian option available).


Anyone can come along and we regularly have new people attend.  


Feel free to just come along and see what you think.


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