Hampton Park Uniting Church

A great place to belong

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Hampton Park Uniting Church - a great place to belong.


We are a warm, inclusive and caring Christian community who serve the community in many ways. We are multi cultural and multi faith and are progressive in our thinking - open to all who have an open mind.


We believe faith and a meaning to life are vital for our health and well-being. We believe the best way to lead a full and meaningful life is to serve others.


We act out our faith in a number of practical ways within our community – our thriving Community Garden, the Open Up Free weekly lunch, carers hub support group, playgroups, study group and music groups for children and our dedicated Women's Crisis Support Worker plus many other ways. We are open to new ideas and ways to serve and encourage you to share your ideas with us.


We hope to inspire, support and challenge you in your faith, working with you while we work together with others.


Our Sunday Service is a mix of traditional and casual worship.


We would welcome you to join with us. You can come to Sunday worship, you can volunteer or you may have an idea about serving others in the community, we’d love to hear from you.


Minister: Rev. Ric Holland